Virtual adopted

Virtual adoption is an important way to help the animals at Usko's Nest Dog Shelter, to keep them safe and healthy and to keep the shelter running. With regular monthly sponsors more stable income can be created which will benefits the animals and the continuity of the shelter.


Thank you so much for sponsoring one or more animals of Usko's Nest, Wonna from Sweden, Angeline from The Netherlands, Sonia from Dubai, Bill from Scotland, Anne from Scotland, Betty from The Netherlands, Mervi from Finland, Adri from The Netherlands, Jacqueline from The Netherlands, Mieke from The Netherlands, Lesley from England, Janny from The Netherlands, Nel from The Netherlands, Cora from Belgium, Mandy from The Netherlands, Catties Angels, Kristel from Belgium, Yolande from The Netherlands, Mette from Norway, Brigitte from The Netherlands, Karin from The Netherlands, Rita from Belgium, Diana from The Netherlands, Lisette from The Netherlands, Rita from The Netherlands, Suzanne from The Netherlands, Fred and Esther from The Netherlands, Susan from The Netherlands, Betty from The Netherlands, Helga from The Netherlands, Peggy from Belgium


In 2020 Mirko and his brother, Nemirko, were dropped in a bucket in the garden of Dalida’s house… as puppies without their mum… Thanks to the dedication of Dalida and Meliha they were saved but both have chronic health issues.

Mirko is virtual adopted by Miranda from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Miranda! 


Lola was saved from one of the public horror shelters, and she was too scared to go out. She usually went out when no one watched. Look at her now, this is what Dalida and Meliha do, helping animals to recover from the most horrific traumas.

Lola is virtual adopted by Miriam from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Miriam! 


Brka was saved in Ilijas in December 2014, so she belongs to the oldies at Usko's Nest. She had many health issues when she was rescued, but she recovered.

Brka is virtual adopted by Peggy from Belgium. Thank you so much Peggy, for your support! 


Niho was found in 2016 in a bad condition and neglected. 

Niho is virtual adopted by Helga from The Netherlands. Thank you so much Helga, for your support! 


Mala was found as a puppy, as so many dogs in Bosnia, she was left on her own.

Mala is virtual adopted by Betty from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Betty! 


In 2013 Bobo was saved as a puppy when he was badly injured by a car that hit him. Bones of his leg were visible due to that injury, and it took months to help him recover. He has a huge scar and small deformity of his leg, but he is a happy and a big boy that is one of the older dogs now.

Bobo is virtual adopted by Susan from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Susan! 

Andy, Dabo and Bijelko 


Andy was saved in 2013 when he was a puppy. He suffered from demodex (skin disease) and was in such bad condition that he lost his tail. He has recovered and is a healthy boy that still needs a special diet and medications in order to control his chronic skin issues.


Dabo, Janje and Cupko, three brothers, were saved from the middle of nowhere when they were less than a month old without a mum, in 2014. Dabo needs constant vet care as he suffers from demodex (skin disease) and he gets medication for his legs. He is a playfull boy!


Bijelko and his brother Burence were saved in 2014 from an abusive neighbour that wanted to kill them. Unfortunately Burence died June 22, 2022. Bijelko is a lovely cuddly and lazy boy. He belongs to the oldies of Usko's Nest.

Andy, Dabo and Bijelko are virtual adopted by Fred and Esther from The Netherlands. Thank you so much, Fred and Esther for your support! 


Zule is a son of Pronti and the brother of Cupa and Bost. They are born in 2010. Zule has short, soft hair and is a lovely grumpy old boy.

Zule is virtual adopted by Suzanne from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Suzanne!


Janje is one of the big fluffy boys. He was found in 2014, less than a month old, with his brothers Cupko and Dabo without their mum in the middle of nowhere. Janje is friendly but sometimes bossy. He suffered from demodex but not as severe as his brother Dabo.

Janje is virtual adopted by Rita from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Rita! 


Bartje was found in 2022 together with his mum and 8 siblings in the woods.

Bartje is virtual adopted by Lisette from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Lisette!


In 2016 Dalida's dad found Mico abandoned in front of a shopping centre. Mico is one of the oldies and he needs constant vet care and medications due to chronic health issues. In 2017 he suddenly couldn't walk. He completely stopped moving and his hind legs were paralysed. After veterinary treatments, vitamines and medications he recovered but got in 2019 some type of urinary infection which made him quite sick. He loves to be with young dogs like Wolf, Mirko and Nemirko.

Mico is virtual adopted by Diana from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Diana!


Bijelka was saved when she was a puppy that had been abandoned with her mum in the field. Both traumatised, but mum recovered and has been adopted in Denmark. Bijelka has never fully recovered from her trauma's and still has issues with people although she is good and friendly with other dogs.

Bijelka is virtual adopted by Rita from Belgium. Thank you so much, Rita!


Olivia was saved February 2020, starved, skin and bones, traumatised, in bad condition and wounds all over. Her recovery took a long time. Look at her now, this lovely young lady!

Olivia is virtual adopted by Karin from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Karin!

Bella, Bibi and Tiko

Bella was saved as a puppy in 2017 after her hind leg had been ripped off by a car. Her recovery took months but she has fully revcovered. Bella is now a happy and healthy dog. Months of therapies, medications, vet bills, sleepless nights have given results.


Bibi was a skinny little puppy when she was picked up from the streets, back in 2017 

Tiko was found as a little puppy in 2015 and had so many health issues. Badly injured legs and a neurological disorder and then he got also demodex. Although he is disabled he is full of life and very playful boy.

Bella, Bibi and Tiko are all three virtual adopted by Brigitte from The Netherlands. Thank you so much for your support, Brigitte!


Mandy has gone through a lot. When she was saved her front leg was completely torn because it had been caught in an animal trap. After the operation she had complications but she managed to recover.

Mandy is virtual adopted by Mandy from The Netherlands. She also is the sponsor of Pronti. Thank you so much for your support, Mandy!


In 2016 Sivka was found wandering in the streets on three legs. As her front leg was already amputated in a professional way, it will always be a mystery what happened to Sivka and why she ended on the streets. She is now a happy dog and in charge at Usko's Nest, she is a boss of the shelter and the only dog that spends time with all groups of dogs. Sivka also supervises all activities at the shelter. She is a sweetheart and an old lady.

Sivka is virtual adopted by Mette from Norway. Thank you so much for your support, Mette!


In 2014 Dalida saw a small puppy which entered in an area of a local company where a famous abuser worked, whose gun had been confiscated thanks to Dalida's legal activities. He tried to catch this puppy but Dalida took it from him. This little girl was all wet, fleas everywhere and bites all over her little body, starved and skinny. Dalida named her Mrvica and with biotin and vitamines she grew out to this beautiful girl and belongs now to the oldies at Usko's Nest.

Mrvica is virtual adopted by Yolande from The Netherlands. Thanky you so much for your support, Yolande!


Tina is one of the dogs that stayed with Dalida and Meliha after rescuing her and now she is one of the oldies at Usko's Nest.

Tina is virtual adopted by Kristel from Belgium. Thank you so much for your support, Kristel!


This beautiful and pure breed sarplaninac is a female and she was only 5 months old when she was found in 2014. She was the only female dog in her pack and beause of that her previous owner abandoned her. After she had been abandoned in Trnovo, a big dog attacked her. Her eye was badly injured by that attack and she was frightened. She belongs now to the old ladies at Usko's Nest.


Bajro was wandering at the streets, skinny, starved and with bad ear inflammation, and saved by Dalida more than 7 years ago. Bajro means “human” in Bosnian language. He is a gently giant with a wonderful personality that likes hugging with Dalida he is active and funny when he plays and runs.

Both Cura and Bajro are virtual adopted by Catties Angels. Thank you so much for your support, Catties Angels!

Tiger, Sivka, Zelena and Micika

These lovely cats were all saved as a kitten in 2015 and 2016, wandering alone, injured or sick. 

They are all four virtual adopted by Cora from Belgium, thank you so much for your support, Cora!

Vucko and Cicko

Vucko, after he was hit by a car in 2016 he was left to die on the streets with two broken legs, in shock and had hypothermia. The recovery was a long and exhausting process. Vucko had wires and fixators in front and hind legs. He couldn't stand or walk on his own and needed help to urinate. Eventually Vucko recovered.

Cicko, she is the oldest cat at Usko's Nest, about 9 years old. She was saved when she was just a kitten and now she is a bit bossy and has an attitude.

Both Vucko and Cicko are virtual adopted by Nel from The Netherlands, thank you so much Nel for your support!


Rue is an adorable looking young girl. She was saved by Dalida on the streets from a deliberately attack of someones dog as the owner stirred his dog up to fight with Rue. But Rue was just a scary baby and wouldn't have lived now if Dalida hadn't been there at that time to save her. 

Rue is virtual adopted by someone from Sweden, thank you so much for your support!


Mala is one of the oldies at Usko's Nest. She was so traumatised while she was on the streets that she is still scared of most people. But she is good with other dogs.

Mala is virtual adopted by Janny from The Netherlands, thank you so much Janny for your support!


In 2021 Lucky was hit by a car and both front legs were broken and he was traumatised by that experience. After a long healing process, he had pins and external fixators with large incisions, he is doing so much better now. He runs and plays on four legs but when he isn’t moving he still prefers to stand in this position.

Lucky is virtual adopted by Lesley from England, thank you so much Lesley for your support!


About 8 years ago, Linda came up to Dalida’s house, completely lost and neglected, and she stayed there ever since. 

Linda is virtual adopted by Mieke from The Netherlands. Thank you so much, Mieke! 


Mieke was the monthly sponsor of Troy until he unexpectedly died September 21, 2022 

Kuro and Cupa

December 2021 - When Kuro was found, he was injured, he probably had been hit by someone’s foot, and his cervical part of the spine was injured - the 6th and the 7th vertebrae. Kuro couldn’t use his hind legs normally, he couldn’t walk, he felt pain and moved his legs but he couldn’t stand without help. He had been left at the clinic by someone and would probably have been euthanised if Dalida didn’t come to his rescue. After intensive treatment and therapies of the vets, Kuro learned to walk again and is now a happy dog at Usko's Nest.

Kuro and Cupa are both virtual adopted by Jacqueline from The Netherlands, thank you so much Jacqueline!

And this is Cupa, one of Pronti's puppies, born in 2010, that stayed. Cupa herself belongs now to the oldies too and she is under vet care as she suffered from epileptic seizures in April 2021. 


January 2022, this lovely cat was brought to the clinic by a man who saw that another man was hitting her. Dayony from Stichting Save a Stray gave her the beautiful name, Ivy. Poor Ivy was in a very bad condition, her pelvis and both legs were broken, she was full of urine and feces because she couldn’t pee or defecate because of pain, her abdomen was injured. But she was successfully operated, in both of her legs pins were installed and injuries were operated. Her recovery was a long process, she had to learn to walk again and got therapies.

Ivy is virtual adopted by Adri from The Netherlands, thank you so much Adri for your support!

Bost, Jack, Hope and Noel 

Bost was born at the shelter in 2010 after his mother Pronti was searching for a safe place to give birth but was harassed by a local boy. Jack was hit by a car, ending up with a broken hind leg in 2021. Hope was left to die beside a busy road, (March 2022), dehydrated, frozen and with two broken legs. When Noel was found (December 2021) he was starving, just a bag of bones, with wounds and severe demodex.

Jack, Hope, Noel and Bost are all virtual adopted by Angeline from The Netherlands, thank you so much Angeline for your support!

Tindra, Sargo, Fluffy, Zacko, Aiko and Freya

These six dogs were chosen by Wonna from Sweden when she had seen them at an illegal public pound, caught and brought there by illegal dog catchers. Freya was chained to a small kennel outside the cages, Sargo was dumped by his owners, little Fluffy was so scared that she didn't want to leave the kennel and be outside at all and Zacko and Tindra helped each other. Wonna asked Dalida and her father to step in and they saved the dogs and brought them to the shelter. All the dogs were traumatised from their experience at that illegal pound. Tindra now suffers from epilepsy but she is doing well. 

Tindra, Sargo, Fluffy, Zacko, Aiko and Freya are all virtual adopted by Wonna from Sweden, thank you so much Wonna for your support!

Candy, Cookie and Smokey

Candy was found as a pup and grew up to this beautiful lady, Cookie was thrown into a hole and one of her hind legs had to be amputated and she has spine injury and always needs vet care, Smokey (cat) was badly injured (2020) and less than a month old, now he has grown up.

Candy, Cookie and Smokey are all virtual adopted by Sonia Heller from Dubai, thank you so much Sonia for your support!


In Januari 2018 Dalida got a call from a man telling her that he saw a horrific wounded puppy. This lovely little boy was hit by a car and his hind leg was ripped off. After months of recovery he turned into this handsome, happy big boy.

Bastian is virtual adopted by Mervi from Finland, thank you so much Mervi for your support!


Ola was rescued from the middle of nowhere when she was a puppy. She was extremely scared and traumatised, hide herself constantly under the car. Her recovery has last for months and she still is afraid of many things. But look at her, how happy she is now.


Ola is virtual adopted by Bill from Scotland, thank you so much Bill for your support!


A very active, cute little fluffy ball, that is the perfect way how to describe Pikachu. He loves to play with the other dogs and is not very cooperative when it comes to taking pictures. Pikachu was so small when he was saved, that he could stand in Dalida's hand


Pikachu is virtual adopted by Anne from Scotland, thank you so much Anne for your support!