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Sponsoring program 


🔎 Some dogs are only availible for sponsoring and not adoption, because of age or chonic conditions🔍

How to sponsor a dog?

If you don´t have the possibility to adopt a dog, but you want to do more than a random donation, you can sponsor a dog!


The average amount of sponsering a dog is about 30 euro´s a month. 

You are free to choose the amount of montly sponsoring. If you become a sponsor i will  registrate you on this page with your sponsor-dog and for 20 of 30 euro´s a month you will also receive personal monthly updates about your dog bij email! 💌


That way it is more fun, you will feel involved and it really makes the dog a little yours. 💙


Registrate for the dog of your choice in the form below with the name of the dog and the montly amount of sponsoring in the subscripsion.

I will registrate you on this page and the email-list. 💌





Choose option:

Send to someone i trust.


For Europe




Accountholder stichting Save a Stray

For Dalida in discripsion.

And the name of the dog.



Western Union and MoneyGram which are the fastest ways to donate:

Dalida Kozlic

Sehidska bb


Bosnia and Herzegovina


You will receive a confirmation 

email within two days. 💙

Contact us:





Tessa Janssen

Admin website

The link to the private Facebook-page,

in English and Dutch. 💚

The link to the public Facebook-page,

in English and Dutch. 💚

The link to a lot of background-information

in English. 💚

This is Rose! Rose is one of the female puppy´s

of Usko´s Nest, isn´t she a cutie?

Rose is a big girl now and adopted in the erea

of Breza in Bosnië and Herzegovina.💛 


Cora from Belgium is the monthly sponsor

of Rose. She sponsors the full amount that is

needed for rose! 💚

This is Ola! I saved her from the middle of

nowhere. She was so scared that she

didn't allow anyone to touch her.

Ola has recovered and she

is very friendly and

outgoing girl. 💙

This is Debela ! She is one of our oldies and

the boss at the shelter. She had a tough life

in the streets. 💙 


Sadly, Debela past away short time ago. 🌈

Meet Cookie! She is one of the rescues that

needs constant vet care. I saved her after

someone had thrown her in a hole four

years ago. She has a spine injury and her

hind leg is amputated which causes

problems with her movements. 💙


Cookie is only availible for

sponsoring and not adoption


                        Sonia Heller from Dubai is the   monthly sponsor of Cookie. She sponsors the full amount that is needed for Cookie! 💚

This is Maki !  He was also saved from the

middle of nowhere and he grew up with us.

He is good with other dogs and very playful. 💙


Meet Astor! He is also one of our rescues that has grown with us. He has a chronic eye condition and he also needs regular vet care. 💙


Smiley is one of our young rescues.

She is very friendly girl and enjoys playing

 with other dogs and people. 💙

This is Bastian!  I saved her after she had been hit by a car. Her hind leg was completely torn apart. Also, she had complications after the operation. She has recovered and she is happy and very playful now. 💙

Mervi from Finland is the proud

monthly sponsor of Bastian! 💚

Olivia - she was saved this year.

She was extremely skinny and starved

but she has recovered.

Due to gastrointestinal problems

she still occasionally gets vet care. 💙

Bella - I also saved her after she had

been hit by a car. She had extremely

difficult operation but vets managed

to save her leg.💙 

Niho is a young and strong rescue. We found him on the streets when he was only 6 months old. He was exhausted and starved. 💙

Mandy has gone through a lot.

When I saved her, her front leg

was completely torn because it had

been caught in ananimal trap. After the

operation she had complications but

she has managed to recover. 💙

Candy is also one of rescues that has grown

up with us. She is a big and very cuddly girl💙. 

Cupa is one of our oldies.

We saved her mum and siblings 10 years ago.

Two of her brothers have been

adopted and her mum and other two

brothers stayed with us. 💙


Cupa is only availible for

sponsoring and not adoption.

Bajro was saved after Dalida had found him

starved and with an ear infection.

It took months for him to recover. 💙


He is available for sponsoring, but not for

adoption since he is especially close to Dalida.

Vucko was saved him while he was left

to die with two broken legs on the street.

He has recovered at Dalida's shelter.💙 

Dalida saved Masa and Medo from a previous

owner who had abused and neglected them.

They are siblings and they both have chronic

problems that are consequence of abuse and

that is why need a special care. 💙


Sad enough, Masa past away end of march 2021.  🌈


Medo is only availible for sponsoring and not adoption.

Amo (latin: love) was saved 12 years ago.

She had beenhit by bus and left to die in the

snow on theNew Year eve. While Dalida was

walking she sawher in the snow.

She was shaking and cold.

The neighbour told Dalida how a bus had

hit her and then children threw fireworks on her.

When Dalida took her to the house,

Amo couldn'twalk at all and she had a huge

open woundwith fully removed skin on her stomach.

It took weeks to treat the wound on her stomach.

It healed slowly. After few months and hours and

hours of work, Amo started walking but other

mental and soul wounds took years to heal.💙 

Donny is a young boy that is looking for a

forever home. He was saved after he had

been hit by car.

 Medo was saved in 2015. He had been hit by a car

and left to die near the coal mine in Breza,

where was lying for days when we found him.

His back legs were completely reversed

but not broken and he has recovered. 💙

Medi is an oldie, a grumpy and an adorable

teddy bear at the same time. He likes laying

in the straw. Medi's front legs have been

deformed, probably because he had lack

of calcium when he was a puppy.

Medi is one of our oldies that needs

a special care and support. 💙

Andy was saved  when he was a puppy

that suffered from demodex. His condition

was so bad that he lost his tail, but he has

recovered. He needs a special diet and

medications in order to control

chronic skin issues. 💙

Sivka is one of oldies. When Dalida saved her,

her front leg had already been amputated for

unknown reasons. She enjoys at Usko's Nest now. 💙


Sivka is only availible for sponsoring and not adoption

Mico is also one of oldies. He was saved by

Dalida's parents few years ago, Mico also needs

constant vet care and medications due to

chronic health issues.💙


Mico is only availible for

sponsoring  and not adoption.

Rozi is a little, fluffy, sweetheart. She was in

really bad condition when she was saved

from streets few years ago, but

she has fully recovered. 💙

Bess was saved from the street 5 years ago.

She was scared and she had a deformed

front leg. She has recovered from her

traumas and she lives at Usko's Nest now. 💙

Ara was only a month old puppy when he was

saved from the middle of nowhere. He is

reserved to be adopted in Netherlands. 💚

Kaslja was saved from an illegal public pound

where she had almost been killed.

Due to neglect and starvation that she suffered

in the pound, she has had many chronic

health issues. She is reserved

to be adopted in Netherland.💚 

Mrvica is also one of rescues that has been

reserved to be adopted in Sweden. 💚

She was saved 6 years ago, when she also

was a puppy less than a month old.

Archie was found with his siblings in the middle

of nowhere when he was less than a month old.

They all have grown up to be healthy dogs. 💙

Cherry was saved from a hole where she lived

while she was sick. She had operations on both

her eyes, and she has fully recovered. 💙