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In memory of Eldar Kozlic

So sad, Dalida's father Eldar Kozlic died on februari 2, 2021.

His health couldn't cope with the stress and pressure anymore.

🙏He died protecting animals 🙏  

Dalida about her father




My dad’s legacy and work will live through my mum and me. My dad’s heart was as huge as a sky and he had the purest soul. I still can’t accept that he is gone.

My dad dedicated his life to saving and protecting animals. He fed dogs first than he ate, health of our animals was his priority, he thought about all possible ways to help animals. He sacrificed medical career to help animals, he sacrificed later legal career to keep helping animals, he had courage and strength to fight against ex system when hunters killed animals on the streets, he had courage and strength to fight against this system and because of that he was threatened and chased by corrupt authorities. It cost him his health and it cost him his life in the end. 

My dad dedicated his whole life to saving animals, and all he ever wanted was to keep them safe it was impossible to count how many animals and especially dogs he saved.

Some members of this group had an opportunity to meet him and they can tell you about him as well.

We had differences in opinions and approaches to situations but we always had each other’s back.

He died protecting dogs and fighting for their safety.