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Dalida cuddling

 How to donate or help

Playfull dogs

Cicko, the oldest cat of the shelter

Wish  to do a  donation?


💙 And help Dalida`s animals to stay save? 💙

 Every euro will count!  ❕






Choose option:

Send to someone you trust.


For Europe




Stichting Save a stray.

For Dalida

in discribtion.


Western Union and MoneyGram which are the fastest ways to donate:

Dalida Kozlic

Sehidska bb


Bosnia and Herzegovina


💙 Thank you

so much! 💙

How to help?

1) Go to the public Facebookgroup of the shelter and like it. You can also share posts on Facebook for a better range of more people.

2) Go to the private facebookgroup of Dalida and sign in to become part of it and join the movement.

3) Read about Dalida's work as a laywer and rescuer and talk about it with others.

4) Last but not least; there is so much that one can do to help. Be creative and help us make this world a better place for both animals and  humans.





Feel free to contact us:







Tessa Janssen

Admin website

The link to the private Facebookgroup,  in English and Dutch.💚

The link to the public Facebookgroup, in English and Dutch. 💚

The link to a lot of background-information in English. 💚