Virtual adoption; as some dogs are not available for adoption because of age or chronic conditions

Virtual adoption is an important way to help the animals at Usko's Nest Dog Shelter, to keep them safe and healthy and to keep the shelter running. With regular monthly sponsors more stable income can be created which will benefits the animals and the continuity of the shelter. Consider to become a monthly sponsor for one or more of the rescues of Usko's Nest. You can become a sponsor for €30,- or more per month, or any other amount you feel comfortable within your own budget. With your monthly donation you secure the care for your dog at Usko's Nest.

- you decide which animal you will support

- you decide how much your monthly donation will be

- you decide for which purpose your monthly donation will be

- you get monthly updates about the animal(s) you support


Please get in touch with us if you wish to save the life of a stray animal.

If you are considering virtual adoption of a dog, or if you have some questions, please feel free to contact us by filling out the form below.


The following dogs are waiting for a monthtly sponsor:


She was saved from one of the public horror shelters five years ago, and she was to scared to go out. She usually went out sometimes when no one watched. Look at her now her name is Lola and this is what Dalida and Meliha do, helping animals to recover from the most horrific traumas.

Will you become the monthly sponsor of Lola?


Cherry was found in 2017 while she was hiding in a hole. She has had 2 eye surgeries. 

Will you become the monthly sponsor of Cherry?

Bost of Zutko

Bost is also a son of Pronti and born in 2010 and the brother of Cupa and Zule. He has long hair and he is a friendly boy.

Will you become the monthly sponsor of Bost (Zutko)?

Teddy and Freddy

These two brothers, Teddy and Freddy were saved in 2013 when they were puppies. Someone had left them in the busy street without a mum when they were spotted by Dalida. They were lost and traumatised. Both of them are cute with incredible characters.

Will you become the monthly sponsor of Teddy and Freddy?


Brka was saved in Ilijas in December 2014, so she belongs to the oldies at Usko's Nest. She had many health issues when she was rescued, but she recovered.

Will you become Brka's monthly sponsor?


Zuta was found covered in wounds and traumatised. She has recovered and turned into this wonderful girl. She belongs to the oldies of Usko's Nest.

Will you become Zuta's monthly sponsor?


Chappy was saved a few years ago when he was a little puppy. He was so scared and starved on the streets. Now he has grown up a lot and is a gentle giant. 

Will you become Chappy's monthly sponsor?

Vuk (Wolf)

In 2018 Vuk was saved when he was a puppy, hit by a car and ended up badly injured with a broken jaw. It took months for him to recover. Now he is a happy and healthy boy.

Will you become Vuk's monthly sponsor?


In 2013 Bobo was saved as a puppy when he was badly injured by a car that hit him. Bones of his leg were visible due to that injury, and it took months to help him recover. He has a huge scar and small deformity of his leg, but he is a happy and a big boy that is one of the older dogs now.

Will you become Bob's monthly sponsor?



Dabo, Janje and Cupko, three brothers, were saved from the middle of nowhere when they were less than a month old without a mum, in 2014. Janje and Dabo are virtual adopted. Cupko is still looking for a monthly sponsor.

                                                               Because they were found without there mum, it was difficult to raise them. Unfortunately that happens a lot in Bosnia, leaving puppies in the middle of nowhere. Today Cupko is a cuddly and friendly dog.

Will you become Cupko's monthly sponsor?