Dalida Kozlic

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💚 In a world that can be so cruel, we all need some charity, sometimes.💚

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Because every live matters

Who i am and why i created this website

Main goal of this website is try to raise more funds and donations for Dalida's work and the rescue center Usko's Nest Dog Shelter. Another main goal is  to raise awareness of her work and the suffering of Bosnian Stray animals and find more sponsors for animals ( distant adoptions). In order to provide a more structural income and also to find forever homes for the animals.

First of all, i have great respect for Dalida`s work and i do follow her for some years now. I felt the desire to give her a stage for her work and her rescued animals! Because she really deserves one i believe, and also do all animals in need.

🙏 They can not do that for themselves, there for they really need us! 🙏


I am Tessa, 44 years and from 's-Heerenberg, the Netherlands, a housewife and mother of two sons of 8 and 10 years old.

I have no regular job right now but i do have a strong desire to contribute to society. 

In the most positive way!

Enough about me.


💚 Be very welcome to discover more about animal rescue work in Bosnië ! 💚

The link to the private Facebook-group, In English and Dutch. 💙

The link to the public Facebook-group, in English and Dutch. 💙

The link to a lot of background-information, in English. 💙

I am honoured that my rescue and legal work is recognised by Stichting Dierenhulp, which is a very dedicated and wonderful organisation that helps thousands of animals all around the world. 

Dalida Kozlic